On the characteristics of screw thread connection
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A low strength material, increase the strength of the body screw

When the screw screw steel into the low strength material body, in the process of tightening the screw tooth and the screw screw screw tooth contact in increasing mutual pressure under the condition of the relative sliding friction between the surfaces in the thread, the thread will screw teeth of soft hard nibbling, sag even thinner. Twist repeated several times, the soft thread will be pulling out failure.

In the low strength material body screw into steel screw, steel screw thread tightly embedded in the soft internal thread in the thread of the alveolar, re formation of a high strength steel thread. Then screw steel screws, contact with the steel screw thread but not soft strength is very high, and then repeated loading and unloading screw screw, the body will not be damaged.

Two, improve the thread along the length of the rotating direction of the force distribution, improve the dynamic load strength of the screw

The diamond shaped section of steel wire Lo sets embedded between the inner and outer threads to transfer the alveolar clamping force between the screw and the body, under the action of external force, the diamond section may have a small amount of twist in the alveolar, the thread has a certain flexibility, thus changing the distribution along the length of thread binding force.

General screw connection, from the internal thread contact surface second, 3 buckle the maximum force because the thread is not easy to deform, the thread behind the stress decreased gradually, and it changes quickly, therefore, screw fracture mostly occurred in the end of second from the buckle position. After installing the steel wire screw sleeve, the flexibility of the spiral teeth increases, the deformation is easy, the force can also be transmitted backwards, the force of each screw tooth is relatively uniform, the stress concentration is reduced, and the stress amplitude of the screw can be increased by 70%.

Three, high surface finish, small friction coefficient, improve the carrying capacity of screws.

The diamond wire used for wire screw is rolled and the surface roughness is below 0.2. With the screw thread surface roughness best tap processing can reach 1.6. Because of steel wire Lo sets high surface smoothness, low friction coefficient, on the same tightening torque, with thread connecting axial tension increases 20%.

Four. The top of the spiral thread can be made into arc shape to improve the force of screw.

Internal thread processing according to the general method the cusp must be flat, with the focus on the external thread with the screw diameter could easily produce stress, impact strength of screws, wire thread insert diamond wire rolling forming, diamond wire can be made with two vertex arc angle within the park, with thread the shape and bottom of thread with screw teeth to improve bottom stress and improve the strength of all screws are favorable, this kind of steel wire Lo sets and Mj thread screws to strengthen coordination, to improve the strength of the effect will be better.

Five, compact structure, good coaxiality, is an ideal method to repair the hole.

Because the steel wire screw sleeve is a rhombus steel wire, the inner thread and the outer thread are simultaneously obtained through winding processing. It is the most compact structure, the lightest weight, and no coaxial error of the threaded bush. For screw machining for damaged or use, use of steel wire Lo sets of repair, not only can be exactly the same with the original screw size and precision, and the strength and the smoothness of the new screw is higher, and the expansion of the body as the minimum amount.

Six, steel screw sleeve convenient loading and unloading, easy to replace.

Lo sets of steel is its own elastic fixed in the screw hole, with a simple tool to steel screw from the screw removed, no damage to body screw. A large body of screw is easily damaged, can be loaded into the wire Lo sets, wear work is only wire Lo sets, and the large body of thread protection. After the damage of the steel wire screw sleeve, the utility model can be conveniently taken out, and then is loaded into a new steel wire screw sleeve to continue to use.

In addition, the thread in the long-term work under the condition of high temperature connector, the common screw deformation and difficult to decompose, use of steel wire Lo sets, even if the screw tooth deformation, also can still successfully break it down. The body can still be used after a new wire stud is replaced.


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