Introduction of matching tool for steel wire screw sleeve
发布时间:2018-11-27 10:09

Installation wrench, internal thread, special rules, tap the thrust device and unloading device set

1 steel wire threaded sleeve mounting wrench

Wire thread insert on the screw thread bottom hole is installed for, the basic principle is that of steel wire Lo sets after a period of contraction force in order to successfully guide screw thread diameter into the bottom.

2 wire Lo sets of special thread gauge

For the inspection of steel wire Lo sets installed bottom thread precision, divided into single and double head plug inserted handle plug.

3 precission design

Special internal thread for processing mounting hole of steel wire screw sleeve. The structure size in accordance with the national standards "and hand taps" GB3464-83 standard machine capillipedium, manufacturing material for Q18Cr4V machine also can hand.According to the scope of its application is divided into light alloy machine and hand taps ordinary steel machine, hand tap special tap three.

4 mounting handle removing tool breaker

The use of momentum broken wire threaded sleeve mounting handle.

5 steel wire screw sleeve dismounting tool unloading device

Used for removal of steel wire Lo sets of bottom loaded.


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